Motivation Funnel

Motivation Funnel aims to outreaching the normative pace of development and progress especially in the developing nations by widening the horizon of human cognition through integrative tasks and endeavors. Motivation Funnel is an energetic motivational initiative in both new ventures and the existing ones. Indeed, the capability of performing this role is inherent in almost all human beings. It is essential to discover this potential within. The team of Motivation Funnel is committed to awakening people of different walks of business, entrepreneurship, profession, and occupation through trainings and workshops. To motivate, to prepare, and to make people trust their potentials for exploring opportunities and exploiting resources for newer life is the primary motto of this organization.


Motivation Funnel is an organization with both general and specific goals:

It shall conduct the trainings and workshops on professional and intellectual issues that help the society be educated and awakened about the new procedures of advancing their enterprises and companies.

It shall publish books on entrepreneurial, professional, occupational, and academic topics that directly affect the peoples of respective businesses, professions, and occupations.

It shall develop networks to launch new programs and organize conferences, and trainings on professional and academic issues for wider audiences at home and abroad.

Motivation Funnel shall publish research journals, booklets, and other publishable materials for making the trainings on topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, management, public speaking, and management, research, and report and so on.

It shall make teams of youths interested in advancing their careers in developmental arenas that can contribute to the holistic development of the society in general and of the developing nations in particular.

Most specifically Motivation Funnel shall focus on the trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences to boost up the knowledge of audiences, who shall express their concerns in the issues mentioned so far.


Change is inevitable for development of any sort. Human beings love changes in every respect of life. The indicators of development determine whether there is progress in life or not. To bring out changes in society driven by technological devices and appliances seeks for rigorous endeavors from the entrepreneurs. To update the entrepreneurs and to produce entrepreneurs for empowering peoples of different occupations rely on the team of efficient, competent, and skilled people who can take possible initiatives for the purpose.

Motivation Funnel ingrains the potentials in the world beyond the boundary by inculcating the passion and zeal for work and smartness in the respective domain.

Motivation Funnel shall explore all possibilities for turning them into reality to train the youths and even mature peoples residing and being engaged in different entrepreneurships, professions, and occupations. No doubt, there shall be some challenges and constraints in the course of moving ahead to accomplish the goal. The slogan, Create, Explore, and Exploit Opportunities is the guideline to gear our actions.

Motivation Funnel shall conduct the trainings on other topics and areas different from the specified ones as well in order to respond to the demands of the 21st century. Despite different efforts from distinct governmental and nongovernmental organs and organizations, they have not adequately satisfied the needs of the society in an egalitarian manner. Most often the entrepreneurship, that helps develop professionalism, independent economic growth is highly indispensable for he sustainable development of society in general, and developing nations, wherein economic poverty is the major cause of backwardness in particular. To capacitate the people by helping them know their tremendous potentials of diverse types is the primary task of the organization.

Our Motto is to motivating youths, enthusiasts for new ventures, and entrepreneurs by catering intellectual and cognitive zeal and passion.

We outreach the conventional patterns of training our clients. We commit to create values for their career development, organizational leadership, and entrepreneurship through quality training programs but affordable cost.